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By Robert Maloney

        Born in Pennsylvania, Robert moved to Michigan as a young teenager. A high school graduation gift from his parents was a Canon 35mm camera. He tinkered with pictures of family and friends for years, not yet knowing it's real intentions. In his mid 20's, Robert moved to Huntington Beach, CA and started an auto detailing business. He drove every hot car imaginable: Ferraris', Cobras', Silver Shadows' and even Deloreans'. He also enjoyed photographing them. But something was missing.

        On an impulse, in the mid 90's, he sold his business and moved to the barren, heat scorched Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. "All my friends thought I was crazy." It changed his life, and out came the camera for good. "Back in Michigan, I thought the desert was just cactus, coyotes and rattlesnakes." The landscapes and textures of the southwest are a natural for photography. The painted deserts, majestic mountains, amazing Indian Ruins, long forgotten ghost towns, monsoon storms, they beckon to be photographed. The amazing slot canyons of Paria, Buckskin, Bryce, Zion and of course the Grand Canyon. "You can't go wrong around here. "

        "I wouldn't move back to California or Michigan for a million dollars. I can feel and see the planet change in this dynamic landscape." Shooting with the same Canon AE-1 graduation present since 1982, he has recently upped the ante by adding several digital cameras to his bag. "It's like starting all over" he says about digital technology. "I fought it for years, but digital is the future. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer." Robert feels that digital technology has caught up with the quality of film and will continue to get better.

        His unique compositions encourage viewers to reflect on the vibrant textures, colors and emotions within.

        Roberts'photographs hang in both private and corporate collections.

        With a lot more southwest out there to cover, Robert is sure to be adding to his portfolio soon.